AOL 5.0 prevents Internet Access via other ISPs
According to E-Commerce Times "AOL Bug Triggers Class Action Lawsuit",
"America Online has been slapped with a class action lawsuit on behalf of subscribers who installed the new AOL version 5.0 software and allegedly encountered a bug that prevented them from using other ISPs."

If you have AOL 6.0 or higher, you may not be affected.
If you have AOL 5.0, it is recommended that you delete the AOL software first.
1) Use AOL's Uninstall program.
2) If that does not work, use Start>Settings>ControlPanel>Add/RemovePrograms to Remove the AOL Program.

When the AOL 5.0 program is removed, our Online-Signup software will work to give you Internet Access.
(Just remember to choose a Dialup Phone Number like xxx-1600, not xxx-0526 or xxx-4638)

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