WebCasa.net  Internet Access $10/mo or FREE*!
No Banner Ads, No Contracts, Fast Unlimited 56k Dialup, 2 email, checks OK,
No Setup Fees, Free* or Discounts with Referrals, $10/mo in West US, $12.95 USA
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Internet Access (56k):
56k Rates
Access #s
  $10/mo  in California, Oregon, Washington,
Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado
in all US
or Free* (if you refer 10 friends that sign up
- $1/mo OFF per friend for 1 year)
Lots of Local Numbers - Unlimited 56k Access
We Host Quality WebSites cheaper: 200MB only $14/mo!
Why pay $20+ a month for Internet Access?:
WebCasa.net is $10/mo ($99/year) (CA,OR,WA,NV,AZ,UT,CO) or FREE*
$23.90 AOL $21.95 MSN,Earthlink,AT&T $19.95 Prodigy,PacBell,Verizon
  Internet Access
  $10/mo Western US
  FREE if 10 friends signup

  Domain Hosting:
  -$14/mo Basic

  WebSite Creation:
  Let us make your Site
  Samples of our Work at


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WebCasa.net 56k Unlimited Internet
California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona
Oregon, Washington, Colorado only

Numbers: CA (area codes), AZ, CO, NV, OR, UT, WA (This is a reduced cost service with fewer numbers) (Check for a local number first - if not, join National)
all USA - Nationwide
(not in Alaska, Hawaii, SD, ND, Iowa, Maine, Idaho, WY, Montana)
Numbers (more numbers, even in CA,OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT, CO)
Regular Speed
Regular Speed
We Host Quality WebSites cheaper: 200MB only $14/mo!
call (562)867-3230 or email jimk@cyberdude.com)
You can pay by check, or by Paypal (for Credit Cards)
 Fast, Low-cost, Unlimited 56k Internet Dialup
in CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT, CO: $10/mo $14/mo Hi Speed
in all US: $12.95/mo $16/mo Hi Speed
Lots of Local Numbers
SolarPanels on Your Roof
No Upfront Costs - Rent Them
Save 20%-80% on Electric Bill
Paypal You can pay by check, or by Paypal (for Credit Cards)
Great Rates for Cable, Cellular
800 Nums & More!!!
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